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Sandwich Panel EPS

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Sandwich Panel EPS

Manufacture from molecule EPS with polystyrene cove coated collarbone toll with the thickness from 0.42mm to 0.6mm. Besides, EPS is also coated by INAX, PVC or composite toll, zinc toll and designed by laminated with different channel, ridge.

EPS  Panel (expandable polystyrene):

§       Thinkness specification and heat endurance of EPS panel 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 250mm.  Standard and thinkness depend on the customer’s requirement.

§         Joints connected by hinges or rivet

§         Standard density                             16kg/m3 và 30kg/m3

§         Stable heat transfer coefficient         l = 0.035kcal/m.ho.C

§         Pull – compress force                     p = 3.5kg/cm2

§         Bend force                                     p = 6.68kg/cm2

§        Water absorb coefficient                 m = 710g/m2.s

§         The maximal length of EPS is 12m, but it can be changed when required

§         Width 1.200m

§         High temperature endurance 750C to 800C

§         EPS panel system connected by tonen, channel.

Different thickness used for different stores

- 75mm - 100mm used for grocery store, fricasseeing food such as: butter, milk, chocolate
- 150mm - 175mm used for cold store
- 200mm used for frozen store

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